Backgrounds & Assets

Background Investigations & Asset Searches

Detecting fraud, criminal convictions, adverse filings or any other red flags in a person’s past is critical before you invite them into a position of trust. Otherwise, you may be putting yourself or your entire operation at risk.

Asset Investigations
These searches focus on identifying what a person owns, perhaps personally or through a trust or business, and also potential liabilities:


• $350: Basic Search Report – a search of databases to include some background information in addition to real property holdings and business interests. Turn around time is generally one day.
• $1200: Due Diligence Asset Investigation – this includes information from the above, but is an investigation as opposed to a database dump. Efforts made to identify worth of holdings, equity, and analyze other data to get a fair picture into the subject’s assets and overall financial well being. Turn around time is 2-3 days

Background Checks:
There are numerous reasons to conduct background checks, but they all boil down to one thing- minimizing risk. We can eliminate doubt about the integrity of your subject through our background check and screening services:

• $250: Red Flag Search – a focus is made on discovering any adverse information on the subject, through court filings, online sources, etc. Turn around time is generally one day.
• $350: Basic Search Report – search of public records databases to identify court filings, businesses, family, some assets, etc. Turn around time is generally one day.
• $1200: Due Diligence Background Investigation – more of an investigation than a database report, this includes information from the above two, as well as possible social media, news filings, reputation data, and whatever else we can identify in our search efforts. This effort can identify additional areas to investigate, beyond the background. Turn around time is 2-3 days.

These searches represent a little homework at the front end that can save a ton of headache and money on the back end. Please contact us to have someone promptly call you regarding our asset investigations and background check services.

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