Due Diligence Backgrounds

Executive Dossier

When the stakes are higher, so is the level of diligence.

Background Reports for Boards of Directors, C-Suite and Executives

Executive Dossier

Mitigating Risks and Maximizing Opportunities: Comprehensive Candidate Assessments

Unlocking the potential of every appointment is our primary objective. However, it’s essential to recognize that understanding the potential risks associated with any appointment isn’t just advisable – it’s a fundamental best practice. While personal recommendations hold value, they mustn’t overshadow the necessity of due diligence. At certain thresholds, penalties can have significant implications.

Elevating Candidate Evaluation 

In the context of board of directors and senior executive positions, candidates often come with a history of high-profile roles. Consequently, the risks become more pronounced, warranting a more extensive scrutiny process. We dedicate extra time to scrutinizing for warning signs, including issues that may have arisen during their tenure with prior boards or companies.

Beyond the Obvious: Our Comprehensive Approach

Our assessment strategy goes beyond standard checks like criminal records and social media scrutiny. We delve into intricate details such as credit histories, potential interviews with former associates, and on-site reviews of legal filings, including divorce records. Our pursuit extends to identifying pertinent information within both print and online media. For corporate contexts, our search encompasses databases maintained by Dun & Bradstreet, Experian, TransUnion, TLO, and others. We verify educational backgrounds, past employment, professional licenses, business records, financial hardships, legal disputes, property ownership, and every aspect crucial for targeted analysis.

Culmination of Expertise: Delivering Decision-Driving Dossiers

The culmination of our process is a meticulously crafted dossier accompanied by an executive summary. This dossier serves as the cornerstone for determining a candidate’s suitability for an offer within your firm. With over two and a half decades of experience, our analysis is refined to efficiently guide you through the findings without your needing to sift through hundreds of pages.

Our Client Profile

Our services are sought after by a diverse array of legal professionals, including investment bankers, M&A attorneys, venture capital firms, CFOs, VP of HR, and Chief Legal Officers within companies.

Front-End Investment, Back-End Returns

Our meticulous research at the outset offers a substantial return on investment by mitigating potential future challenges and financial implications. Contact us now, and we’ll swiftly arrange for a representative to discuss our due diligence services tailored to your needs.

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