Sometimes A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words.



These subrosa investigations are focused on discreetly obtaining photographic or video evidence. Some of the purposes include:

• Insurance Fraud or Workers Compensation – The best way to fight these cases is to provide visual evidence depicting the claimant performing activities that he claims he is unable to perform at work. Effective use of video refutes injury limitation claims and can clearly show when they are falsifying or exaggerating the extent of an injury. These cases focus on showing the subject’s cognitive and physical abilities. Through surveillance, we obtain photographs and video depicting subjects going to places of employment, working around the house, being involved in recreational activities such as golf or tennis, interacting with other people, and other similar activities.
• Marital or Infidelity – If one suspects that their spouse or significant other is unfaithful, the worse thing they can do is to do nothing. The next worse thing is to confront them, which may cause them to be more secretive and on the lookout for possible surveillance. If all the warning signs are there, then the best option is to call us and initiate a spousal investigation, to provide them with information so they can make critical decisions regarding their relationships. Surveillance may be the only way to get this information. And sometimes the best result is peace of mind that results from us showing the subject involved in harmless activities.
• Employment – These investigations capture employees with a focus on time theft, embezzlement, illegal activities, reducing company shrinkage, off-hours behavior, etc. Companies lose untold millions due to employee behavior. Our sub-rosa specialists are expert at conducting employment related investigations.

There are several reasons to hire VRI for sub-rosa investigations:

• Background – Before we leave our offices, we do our due diligence on the claimant or subject. We confirm addresses, identify vehicles, review photographs, learn habits, and obtain any other information helpful to the case.
• Experience – We employ retired law enforcement, bilingual and/or female investigators to fit the right person for the subrosa surveillance assignment. Our surveillance investigators have thousands of hours of experience.
• Economy – We have a half-day pull off policy. If nothing is happening within 4 hours, then we won’t stay on site burning through our client’s budget; we will terminate and re-assess unless otherwise instructed. We have many trusted investigators with whom we subcontract in distant areas to minimize travel expenses.
• Reporting – There is nothing worse than wondering what is being done. We always maintain regular contact with clients so they always have the most current information.
• Geography – Headquartered in Camarillo, we are very familiar with all areas of Ventura County, including Ventura, Oxnard, Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, etc. We routinely conduct operations in numerous other California cities.

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SurveillanceAccess Device Fraud in San Bernardino & Los Angeles Counties 
We recently assisted an east coast client, whose business was providing fuel accounts to companies with fleets of vehicles. Through complex surveillance involving six vehicles covering numerous sites, we provided the key evidence to local law enforcement, which is currently prosecuting the case against the multiple defendants.

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