Our Services

Litigation Support, Forensic Services


Our business focuses on giving our clients what they require to be successful in their cases, quickly.  We are invested in our clients’ successes.

Our services include:

Electronic Discovery
Courts sanctioning for e-discovery violations is on the uptick, and a recent California State Bar opinion  spells out an attorney’s ethical duties with respect to ESI.  e-Discovery used to require significant investments in software, hardware and manpower, but no more.  The early adoption phase is over, and technology is more affordable.  Our sweet spot is serving on small to medium sized matters.

Computer Forensics
Nearly a billion personal computers are currently in use, with over 30 billion emails being sent person to person each day. Forensic examinations of computers by private investigators to discover, analyze and preserve information on a hard drive, even if the files have been deleted, is a key consideration for gathering evidence.

Evidence is needed quickly and reliably.  From investigative due diligence to mitigating risk to conducting surveillance, our staff is singularly focused on getting our clients the evidence they require, very quickly.