Background & Asset Checks
Any investment requires a little bit of homework. Whether consulting Wall Street Journal before investing in a mutual fund or reviewing the Kelly Blue Book before buying a new car, it is always important to get information to minimize the risk. We help our clients by providing information so they can make good decisions. Whether conducting a high level employee background investigation or researching the litigation history of a prospectVerdict Resources Servicesive business partner, we can help make the decision an educated one. We also routinely investigate assets to determine solvency for pre-litigation, as well as determining what is owned by judgment debtors. Assets identified include real property, vehicles, boats, airplanes, corporate affiliations, and other information. Searches are conducted on both businesses and individuals.

Computer Forensics
Nearly a billion personal computers were in use in 2008; six years later the number doubled.  In 2008, 30 billion emails were being sent daily, it is now up to 269 billion per day!  Business emails account for 132 billion of those. Forensic examinations of computers by private investigators are conducted to discover, analyze and preserve information on a hard drive, even if the files have been deleted, is a key consideration for gathering evidence. Similar efforts are performed on cell phones.

These efforts provide clients with information so they can make decisions, whether it be in an employment situation, marriage / personal relationship, or defending a workers comp claim. Video or photographic evidence captured during subrosa is critical, and sometimes the only, evidence that can be obtained.

Environmental Liability
Pollution liability investigations are highly specialized and require a combination of investigative expertise with scientific and technical perspective. We have conducted over 100 environmentally related investigations across the U.S. and Canada.

Business Investigations
From developing corporate succession and parent liability to conducting employment background checks, we’ve assisted numerous clients with business related investigations.

The Kitchen Sink
We regularly perform other types of investigations, to including locating people, interviewing witnesses, interviewing employees, surveillance, difficult process service, etc. We have a lot of experience conducting historical research of properties, businesses and other related entities.