Business Investigations

Business and Corporate Investigations

Basing business decisions on flawed information can compromise a company’s direction and ultimately its survival. Incomplete intelligence also may fail to identify fraud and other high-risk activities by employees, vendors and even customers. VRI conducts the following business investigations:

Business Due Diligence
These due diligence investigations are all about reducing risk. We know the steps to minimizing a company’s vulnerabilities, as the risks of liability is a major consideration in any transaction. Our clients rely on us to provide the essential business background information and analyses from which they can more fully evaluate new business relationships. Some of the searches include:

• Corporate history through the state of incorporation
• Litigation history- civil and criminal court filings
• Adverse filings such as bankruptcies, liens and judgments
• Assets such as subsidiaries, real property ownership, vehicles, etc.
• Other public filings including UCCs, taxation, SEC, professional licenses, etc.
• Internet sites that mention the business name- may show subject involved with any businesses or other entities, and many other potential reasons
• Any news articles relating to the business, up to 30 years back- wonderful source often overlooked for information not commonly found in public agency filings
• Third party databases such as Dun & Bradstreet, Experian and Hoovers

View a sample of our Business Due Diligence report.

Fraud Prevention and Analysis
Due diligence is critical in preventing fraud, to identify any examples of past inappropriate workplace behavior, including past fraud, theft, or other efforts to damage an employer. We also provide means to identify fraud, such as through employee / witness interviews and statement taking, polygraph examinations, fingerprint analysis, surveillance, etc.

Corporate Successor and Parent Liability
Verdict Resources understands how liability can be transferred from one company to another though mergers and acquisitions, as opposed to a simple purchase of assets.  Verdict Resources has expertise in researching the succession of historical companies as well as investigating the succession of liability.

Witness Development
VRI enjoys a high rate of success in locating people and conducting effective interviews. Whether they are former maintenance personnel in an industrial firm or officers in a predecessor company, we routinely identify, find and interview knowledgeable witnesses; and we obtain from them statements, signed declarations and affidavits. Contact us for more information. 

“I am in the process of documenting a tentative settlement with the City of —. The settlement was facilitated by all of your good investigative efforts.”
-Curt W. Uritz, Esq.  Uritz & Associates